BitDefender Security Scan for free Download - Helps Computers Run Smoothly

BitDefender Security Scan is a virus scanning program that really has a good reputation. As its name might suggest, its main advantage and its creed is actually to scan every single bit of your user and system files.

Unlike many other antivirus programs that affect your RAM and CPU performance, it can work in silence without you even noticing it. No slowing down almost at all. In addition, BitDefender Security Scan lets you schedule your scans in advance if you think that just the real-time protection is not enough for you.

You can choose between quick scans, complete scans and you can even scan just one file that you find suspicious or potentially threatening to your computer’s health. BitDefender Security Scan is an absolute must if you often deal with different or unknown mass storage devices or download files from the Internet frequently.

Features of Bitdefender Security Scan:

  • Quickscan – scans your PC for running viruses, spyware and other online threats – usually in less than a minute.
  • Registry Tuning – scans your PC for invalid registry entries that can cause slow downs, freezes or crashes.
  • Update Watcher- checks for Windows updates which have not been applied yet.
  • Security Status – checks for the existence and status of security software on your system.
  • Scheduled Scanning – sets up recurring scans to ensure your system is safe. QuickScan will automatically scan your PC on startup.
  • Antivirus Spot Check – on demand, instantly scans a suspicious file (such as something you’ve just downloaded) for viruses
BitDefender Security Scan for free Download - Helps Computers Run Smoothly

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