Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0 For Free Full Version Incl Serial Number

Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0  is a screen capture tool that lets you take screenshots for user manuals, websites, and presentations. When you need a screenshot capture, you no longer have to press the Print Screen key, and then edit and save the capture in Paint – just run our screen capture software and create a perfect screenshot of your entire desktop screen, active window, or selected region. Depending on the selected output option, the program saves the capture to clipboard, as an image file (BMP, JPEG, PNG), or pastes the image to a Microsoft Word document. The simple interface makes it is easy for beginners to start using our screen capture tool right out of the box.

It allows me to choose what program to open the saved single capture image. For me I chose ACDSEE-Quick-View. But the application could easily have been any other such as MsPaint or Microsoft Photo Editor or Phoxo or PhotoFiltre.

The auto save function at set intervals is good. It will have useful applications. You can choose to capture the active window or entire screen.

You can click on “Capture” in “Selection” mode as described by another comment contributor.

However, you can do the following when you are already in the screen that you wish to capture a region or part of: Press the hotkey combination for Selection capture. In my case, it is Ctrl-PrtScrn. Then simply left click your mouse on the top left corner of the region that you like to capture and pull to bottom right hand corner of the rectangle of the region. Release the mouse.
The region or “Selection” is captured to your chosen folder. In my case, I chose JPEG format instead of BMP or PNG. You can specify the prefix of the file name for captured image which are numbered sequentially by the program.

Please note that for auto-capture at timed intervals, the word “auto” is added to whatever prefix you have specified. You can see the captured imaged by pressing your chosen hotkey e,g, “Alt-O” combination. Then it will open in your chosen application – in my case ACDSEE-Quick-View.

The output quality of the auto-save function is good. I chose 10 seconds interval but you can insert much longer, say for example, every 1000 seconds. For those facing activation problems, remember to exit the software and don’t forget to exit the one in your tray (bottom right hand corner of monitor near the clock). Then when you next open the program, it will be registered.

I will keep this AutoScreenshot Maker Version 3.0. But for me, Snag-It which I have been using for many years, remains King of screen capture – Snag-It has video capture too and a powerful Snag-It Studio image editor. ( I do not have Camtasia )

Key Features at a Glance:
  • Capture screenshots with a click or hotkey press
  • Capture multiple screenshots over a selected period of time
  • Multiple output options such as image file, clipboard, MS Word document
  • Watermark capture to prevent unauthorized use
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Command-line screen capture

System Requirements:
OS:Windows XP/ Vista (x64)/ 7 (x32/x64)/ 2000/ 2003/ Vista (Ultimate/Starter/Home Basic (x32/x64)/Home Premium (x32/x64)/Business (x32/x64)/Enterprise (x32/x64)/ NT 4.x

Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0 is available as a Giveaway of the day! The program is available for $14.95, but it will be free for our visitors as a time-limited offer. Download Auto Screenshot Maker 3.0  For Free Full Version Incl Serial Number

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