Abelssoft Smideo HD For Free unlimited giveaway for the full version [24 hours]

Smideo is the most simple program to turn your holiday photos or family photos and videos to an appealing slideshow-video. Smideo can also include Youtube videos or record parts of your screen. Afterwards you can add your own MP3 music or record speech from your PC to complete your video. And Smideo is completely free. If you buy our HD version, you can generate videos with unlimited length and up to the HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and even burn them to CD-ROM or DVD afterwards.

Its Christmas time now and you might want to capture your eventful moments in a picture or video. How about making a slideshow out of your pictures, videos and with your favorite songs or even put in your own voice in it. A fun idea, isn’t it! Well, here comes Smideo HD 2012 that does exactly what you might want have dreamed about. Smideo HD has been developed by Abelssoft; a German company famous for its quality freewares and sharewares.

- Turns pictures to videos
Family photos, holiday photos, presentations - Smideo takes your pictures and creates beautiful videos that you can show to your colleagues and friends.
- Can include videos too
Today, cameras don't only make pictures - videos can be filmed too. These can be included in your Smideo video too.
- Use your own music or speech
Smideo makes it easy to add your own MP3 music to the video or use your PCs microphone to record audio.
- Youtube and Screencasts
Smideo can also directly download videos from Youtube or film parts of your screen - a simple way to add intersting content to spice up your video.
- New: Video-Sound!
Since the 2012-version the sound of videos used in Smideo can be used in the final Smideo. For the duration of the video, the background music is then faded out.
- New: Flash up texts!
The text titles and subtitles that can be shown for every picture or video in Smideo 2012 can now be customized. The position, the text-size, font and color can be adjusted.
- New: Download Pictures
Smideo 2012 integrates a picture-finder that can search for pictures on Flickr. Just enter a keyword and you get all pictures found for that word, you can download it, use it in Smideo and even set it as your Windows-Wallpaper! Additionally, the picture-finder can be used to only find pictures you may use on your website or even for commercial purposes.
- New: Burn in different formats!
Smideo 2012 HD now supports all formats that are used in current DVD-players, including MPEG, DivX and h.264.
- New: Completely revised version!
Of course we also listened to everything else our customers brought up. So, we fixed some bugs and improved the usability of Smideo 2012. For example, the use of loads of pictures now is possible now, with buttons to add all pictures in random order and possibilities to set the display time of all pictures or the font settings for all pictures at once. Additionally, videos of unknown formats are converted automatically now, so they can be used in Smideo 2012.
- HD-Version: Best quality!
Our free version of Smideo creates videos up to a resolution of 640x480 pixels, but our paid version Smideo HD also produces real HD-Quality with 1920x1080 pixes!
- HD-Version: Any video duration!
Our free version of Smideo is limited to 10 minutes of video output, but the paid version Smideo HD can generate videos of any length.
- HD-Version: burn to disc
Smideo HD can burn generated videos directly to CD-ROM or DVD, so you can give them away or show them of other devices.
- AbEasy
Smideo is easy to use - a helping wizard guides your through a few simple steps that are needed to create your own video.


Johann L├╝ppen from Abelssoft have been kind enough to conduct a 24 hours unlimited giveaway for the full version of the software for techno360.in readers.
- To grab a copy go to this page.
- It will redirect you to the download link. Download the 35.1Mb installer [MD5: 41f2df142eda8b30642a85635b0fefcc]. Install it and register a license as shown above.
After installation you will be encountered with a registration screen. You will need to register with a valid email address to receive a license code in your email from software[at]abelssoft.de. Enter that license code to register your software.
-About the license:
  • It’s for 1 PC. So, you want to use it on more than one PC generate multiple licenses with different email address.
  • You will be able to update/upgrade the software within this v2012. It will not work on the coming v2013 that will release after about six months.
  • You will get free support from Abelssoft.

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