4 Days For Fullversion Free Download: Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Plus | S.A.D. Formatwandler 4 SE | Ocster Backup Pro 7 | Audials One 9 ME

Programs at a Glance. Professional video editing for 60 days, full versions of music software and format conversion, a backup tool - and all for free. Between Christmas and New Year offers exciting computer image to the programs you download. Every day a different program focus: Come back again is worth it! All four special versions support the German language and run on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Plus Video MX Plus Magix deluxe offers video editing with professional features like 99 tracks and full (AVC) HD and Stereo3D support. Their results burn them to CD / DVD or use the content in full HD on Facebook or YouTube. Thanks to slow-raff and you produce trailer and sizable effects in your projects. Instead of seven days, you try out this special version for two months free from.

S. A. D format converter 4 SE The format converter 4 SE of SAD convert video, audio and photo files in different formats or Your 2D content to complement three-dimensional depth information. Prefabricated sections help you to quickly choose the appropriate options - depending on the desired application. After the first start request a serial number for free, which will be sent to you via e-mail and unlock the special version.

Ocster Backup Pro 7 lead with Ocster Backup Pro 7 lets you quickly and without any complicated settings, a backup of your PCs through. Automatic options for popular programs like Outlook or Firefox help in the election. On 29 December, you will get the full version for free - to give you free license during the first program to start your e-mail address and register it for the Ocster newsletter. On the 27th, 28th and 30 December you will receive Ocster Backup Pro 7 as a 90-day extended trial.

Audials One 9 ME record Internet radio, music and podcasts , manage songs convert - these options are included in Audials One 9 ME . The results of your search will bring you about the music software either on your phone or upload it to a cloud storage. After the installation requires the full version of Audials One 9 ME and no additional registration is unlimited run.

Text above are translated from German Language, Sorry if you don't Understand, But Computerbild provided to download Software fullversion for 4 days.

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