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Did you ever think about how much senseless time you waste each day you work on your computer? You start your favourite program by double-clicking on a desktop icon or - even worse - from the program menu, you open your browser and visit the same website again and again or you have to paste the same text with the need to copy it first 10 times per day.

Would it not be much better to execute or paste what you like with a global key combination (also called hotkey or shortkey) which was created by yourself? 1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer was created especially for this need and allows you to define and to save such shortkey projects.

There are many hotkeys available. You can use any character, any figure or one of many other keys from your keyboard. Just combine that one with SHIFT, ALT, CTRL or with the Windows key, with more or with all of them. This means that you can even create hotkeys like 'CTRL+SHIFT+Windows+X' that will never collide with any other shortkey used by other programs or the system itself.

As long as the program is active you can easily press your hotkey on your keyboard and the program executes a command line you entered before (like 'msconfig' for the Windows configuration tool or 'calc' for Windows Calculator), a full path to a file or a program or a website which is opened in your default browser automatically. Or, if you like, the program copies your text to clipboard and pastes it directly.

Feature Overview:

  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Enter, edit or remove your own hotkeys
  • Combine any key with SHIFT, ALT, CTRL or the Windows key
  • Decide by your own if a program or a website is executed
  • Paste any text automatically when your shortkey is pressed
  • Load and save hotkey project files
  • Editable path for a default project
  • Program can be started with Windows automatically to allow permanent access to your personal hotkeys
  • Execute Windows default features like Movie Maker or Control Panel with a hotkey
  • Print out all your hotkeys
  • Program can also be installed on USB sticks, floppy disks or nearly all other re-writable media
  • Very low system resources required

This program requires only very few system resources and runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. You can create, save and open project files so that your hotkeys do not have to be configured again each time. You can also set a default project path to get your favourite project opened whenever 1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer is opened. And of course the program can be executed with Windows automatically what makes all your own shortkeys available with each system start directly.

Save time by accelerating your Windows work each day with 1-abc.net Hotkey Organizer!

For Windows® XP / Vista / 7, Download size: 295 KB

Full Version

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