How to for Video Call Up to 6 People Together In Free

Do you want air-video calls for free? wanted to video call with many people at once for free? If yes .. soon I'll show you the way. Services through ooVoo, you can call for free bervideo up to 6 people at once! You can bervideo call from a Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, Android phones, even tablet PCs like iPad or Galaxy Tab. Interesting is not it?

ooVoo is a video call service that provides multiplatform application for IOS, Android, Windows and Mac. With applications and service ooVoo, you can make video calls for free. Not only do video call together like most other free video call service, ooVoo could be used for video calls simultaneously up to 6 people at once. Of course this feature is well suited for those of you who want to teleconference with friends, colleagues, even your family who was there at a distance.

To be able to enjoy free video calls from ooVoo, you simply download and install the ooVoo application here. Download according to the platform you use (Windows, Mac, Android or IOS) and install on your device.

In addition to group video calls with high quality, ooVoo also has other features like video chat rooms, text chat, etc..

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