Get Free Stuff and Software Licenses With FBD - Freebiest Dollar

If you are interested with Freebies, wanna get more and more free stuff (software license, coupon code, advertising voucher,…) from Our Partner - Freebies Dollar , please take time to read this announcement. For more interactive and easier!

What’s FBD

FBD is the abbreviation of Freebiest Dollar – a monetary unit for using on Freebiest.com only. It isn’t available for exchange into real currency!

For what?

With FBD, you can buy any stuff (the software license, coupon code,…) from this website for FREE. “Buy” but “for FREE”? Any mistake here? No, it’s for FREE. FREEBIEST – FREE IS BEST, it’s their slogan!
It’s because you can earn FBD for FREE and use FBD to get software license with no cost.

Why FBD?

They realized that on their previous contests before, using the random to chose the winners is a foolish way. There are many close readers of Them not enough the good luck to win It’s not fair.

With FBD, you can earn FBD by write an article for them, leave a comment,… Even only by visiting this site daily, you can earn also. We hate the luck because with someone it’s the good luck, but it’s the bad luck for left. But now, no good luck or bad luck here.

You will get what you deserve.

How to earn FBD?

- By Register a free account, you will earn 100 FBD.
- By visiting their website and login every 12 hours, you will get 5 FBD ^^
- By leaving every comment (per article), you earn 5 FBD
- By writing an article for them (your review of a software program, the information of deal,…), you earn 100 FBD
- And sometime, they will giveaway FBD for you… ^^

With FBD, how can I buy any stuffs for FREE?

I must to notice that: FBD can be used for their contests ONLY! It can’t be used on their store
If you are interested in a software program which they are running a contest for, during the contest, you can purchase one if your FBD balance is higher than the price of the product
To place your order, after log in, you will see the Place an Order link.

Click on that button, you will see the pop-up.
Recipient: fbank
Price: the price of product (currency FBD, number only)
Product: name of product you wanna order
Then click on Order.
Within 24 hours since you placed your order, we will inform you about your license information

Get Free Stuff and Software Licenses With FBD - Freebiest Dollar
Source: Freebiest
Image Credit: Freebiest.com

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