Full Version: "Stress Management - Inner Harmony" (CD)

You can also enjoy relaxing in the stressful holiday season - with the free audio CD "Stress Management - Inner Harmony"

For a short time completely free to download. Get the audio CD "Stress management - Inner Harmony" with us completely for free. Normally this CD for the price of just € 30 and can be downloaded for around 20 € will be offered. The CD is to put the listener into a state of relaxation. With the help of spoken, self-hypnosis suggestions psychology is initiated.

In this self-hypnosis is the stressful everyday stress off and achieved an inner harmony. through beautiful metaphors and a pleasant relaxing music in the background conditioned, the interior harmony of then in the subconscious of the listener. After a period of regular listening to the CD, it will then be only necessary to consider the suggestion to put yourself in the relaxed state.

Conclusion: If you want to switch off for the moment that may change with free about 30 minutes of relaxation CD "Stress Management - Inner Harmony" disengage from stress. This download contains the CD as an MP3 file or bit of information material. Note: the audio CD, Journey to the own place of relaxation , we offer a second CD from the same provider for downloading, also completely free.

Full Version: "Stress Management - Inner Harmony" (CD)

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