Free Download Cool Theme “Angry Birds Skin Pack” for Windows 7 PC

If you love playing "Angry Birds" game and you are using Windows 7, then you'll definitely enjoy this skin pack.

We have shared lots of stuff related to Angry Birds game in past like Microsoft's official Angry Birds theme for Windows 7, Angry Birds game for Windows PC, Angry Birds online version and Angry Birds for websites.

"Angry Birds Skin Pack" is a new transformation pack for Windows 7 created by "hameddanger" @ DA which brings the cool and funny environment of Angry Birds game to your Windows Desktop.

This skin pack installs Angry Birds game theme, icons, login screen, boot screen, wallpapers, mouse cursors, dock, toolbar and much more.

Following is a preview of this skin pack in action:

Credit: AskVG.com

If you like Angry Birds game, you should definitely give a try to this new skin pack.

It can be installed in Windows 7 with or without SP1. Its available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 versions.

You can download it using following link:

Download Link (32-bit)

Download Link (64-bit)

1. Please create a system restore point before installing this skin pack so that you can restore default Windows look in case you don't like the new look or face any problem.

2. This skin pack also comes with a 3rd party browser toolbar. If you don't want to install the toolbar, select "Custom Installation (Advanced)" type and uncheck all 3 options given at the time of installation. - askvg.com

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