Free Christmas Music: Chacra World Music Holiday

I listened to the samples and decided that at the price tag (currently free), why not give the full version a try?

And I did. And I'm glad I did. There is nothing AMAZING on the set, but together and at the free price, they are definitely worth a listen or 3.

The first track is a chant kind of song. It wasn't the weakest track (last track is) but it wasn't outstanding either. It sounds good, but wouldn't be worth paying for in my opinion.

The next two tracks were kind of surprising to me. They were enjoyable and they did the whole "turn the Christmas classics into a pop song" deal and they did it well. Again, nothing amazing but well played, well sung and another interesting perspective on the classics.

The fourth track, the first Celtic track, really made it worth the download for me. It's more of a traditional Celtic song with the Celtic style vocals (sorry, other than Celtic I'm not sure how else to describe the voices used) but it's still Silent Night. Very nice.

The last track is the weakest. It's done by the same artist(s) as Silent Night but there are no vocals and it isn't a Christmas song I recognize. NOT that this is a bad thing, nor is it not possible for a Christmas song to come from another country/region; I just don't know it and on it's own, for me, it doesn't stand up too well with the others. It isn't horrible but it isn't a track I would expect someone to want this collection nor seek out other albums from the same artists.

Track  List
1. El Cant Dels Ocells
2. 12 Days Of Christmas
3. O Christmas Tree
4. Silent Night
5. Coventry Carol

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