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Get 3 specialized back workouts in one to help carve out your torso and improve your posture in just weeks. Building your back can torch belly fat. That's because the more muscle you train, the hotter your fat furnace burns. And there are no larger upper-body muscles than the latissimus dorsi, a.k.a. the lats. Master the pullup to bolster these muscles fast.

Your back also helps you stand tall and look lean better than any other muscle zone does. Carve your torso into perfect shape with these three specialized, hard-hitting back workouts-all bundled into one convenient download.

Video and Images
This Workout To Go includes video with audio instruction of how to perform each exercise. In addition, you receive images of the same exercises that can be viewed while listening to your own music.

Program Details
> Video, images, and audio
> Three workouts
> Equipment: Typical gym equipment

Download Ultimate V-Building Workout For Free Today

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