Download Software Borland C++ 5.02 full

Download Borland C++ 5.02 full

Download Borland C++ 5.02 full

I wanna try for share Borland C + +. What is Borland C + +?. Borland C + + is a C + + compiler which is very famous for its speed compile and execute the program from the syntax that we make. With this program, you can learn a lot about C + + programming language, as well as for you who want to learn C + +, but it does not have a compiler, you can download it here free. So that you can apply what I post on this blog.
Here are details Borland C + + that I upload this.

Screenshot :

Size: 92.8Mb in shape. Rar
Borland C + + is a development program of Turbo C + +
File version: 5:02 1997 final release
Works on all Windows OS​ (I use the Windows 7 Ultimate)

How to install:
After the download is complete, extract the files Borland c + + 5.02.rar
Then enter the folder Borland C + + 5:02
Find the setup file and run.
When the installer window appears, click Nex, next, accept, etc. ..
Installing Borland's very easy because they live next course ..
Without being told I'm sure you can
If successful, yes congratulations, if failed, try again.

I'm sure you all can install the program.if you successfully installed Borland C + +, then when you open, view Borland C + + will looks like this:

Download :

Download Borland C++ 5.02 full

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this is the installer.

But in order to make it work successfully under winxp or newer, you need to copy the contents of \winnt folder to the windows folder by hand.

Do you have the winnt folder present in the CD?

I need it to make the dialog editor work (resource workshop).


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