Download Windows ® Multipoint Server 2011

Windows ® Multipoint Server 2011


Windows ® Multipoint Server 2011 is the second version of Windows product especially designed for educational institutions that allow multiple users to simultaneously share a single computer. Users have their own independent experience and familiar Windows computing, uses its own monitor, keyboard and mouse are connected directly to the host computer.

Windows Server 2011 Multipoint enables more users to access technology with a total cost of ownership is lower. Designed for non-technical users, it is simple to manage and use. Unlike other similar solutions on the MARKET, Windows Server 2011 Windows MultiPoint is based on the latest technology and thus can run Windows applications.Support can be obtained through Microsoft or an authorized partner, and schools have access to full capability, the latest update, and the belief that they get the experience they expect.

Support networks connected clients. Now the RDP-compatible client network, including legacy PCs, thin clients conventional, laptops and netbooks MultiPoint can be repurposed to the station, and connect to the Server Network MultiPoint above. Thin client technology with support for remote RemoteFX enjoy the richest multimedia experience.

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